Monday, June 29, 2009

Pre release verion of Office In Cloud

We'd like to inform that new version of Office In Cloud Integration is coming soon. It's going to support MS Office 2003 and contains numerous of features, fixes and performance improvements.

For all who are interesting in pre-release evaluation please follow this link:

Changes log:
1. Build in auto-update
2. Two and more instances of MS Excel 2007 is now supported
3. Default local folder for storing files from Cloud (Cloud Docs)
4. Update to new version doesn’t required re-registration.
5. UI operations are synchronically.
6. Correct loading of Addin in Word 2007 on Vista

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Content Aggregation - Early Prototype

Yesterday was another great day for Uprise Apps. The early prototype of future Content Aggregation app was successfully tested.

It does integration between Microsoft Word content and LinkedIn professional network.

We also would like to announce that CA will be available free of charge for those who'll download the Office In Cloud before 1th of July.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Release: Office In Cloud for Word 2007

Uprise Apps would like to announce that the version Office In Cloud for Microsoft Word 2007 is available to download on our web site.

Now you can work with your Google documents from right from native Microsoft Office environment.

New package also contains fixes and updates to the version for Microsoft Excel 2007 in case of merging.
Now we are working on support for Office 2003 as it remains popular across huge number of users.

Google's plan on Docs

Google is to improve GDocs:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Google Squared - Booooom !

I want to touch the API. It's the huge step forward.

Google Squared Goes Live, Puts Web Search Into A Spreadsheet

Office In Cloud for Word 2007

Very, very close to release of version for MS Word 2007.

I'm using it right now and it's really amazingly.
No needs to send new files to my colleagues over email every time I change only one word in the text.

Really want to share this feature with others a.s.a.p.