Friday, October 2, 2009

Form2Go (former Mail2Google) – A new automation database management application

Form2Go is the new application developed by Uprise Apps (, this product was launched as a new solution for database marketers, e-commerce companies and other enterprises that need to manage databases frequently.

Form2Go has a number of advantages:

· It integrates with your website and different applications to automate the Leads Generation process
· 100% Fully automated process – data are integrated into your databases (eg. CRMs, Google Docs) automatically
· Unlimited number of entries can be integrated – we have users using our program and update 1,000 leads each day

We changed this product from Mail2Google to Form2Go because we have expanded our capabilities for this application:

· It now supports a wide range of CRMs, you can use our application to capture data into your CRMs directly
· Integration with our Office In Cloud, you can edit databases on Excel easily if you prefer to
· Ability to support multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously and integrated with different databases
· Supporting different language formats as long as your website can support these languages

Since we rebranded our application Form2Go, it has been taken up by multiple customers for various purposes, including:

· Marketing Research Firms using our application to collect and analyse survey results automatically
· Web businesses using our application to sign up and track new members
· Non-profit organizations using Form2Go to update new members for various campaigns
· Business Development managers using our campaigns to collect leads to send follow up newsletters and e-mails

Form2Go is the smart way for you to manage your database, no matter big or small, it can support your requirements – it is cost-effective and highly scalable solution that can meet your increasing demands for databases management without incurring additional costs.

For more information for demonstration, please contact us for more information. Please visit our new website and download the Form2Go for trial or contact us for trial implementation.

Uprise Apps refreshes its website (continue ...)

Recognizing the increasing number of visitors from global markets, Uprise Apps (, a global leader in developing user-friendly collaboration applications has refreshed its website today.

Commenting on the new website design, Andrew Kandzuba, CEO of Uprise Apps said “Our traffic has increased substantially since September; we are seeing growing number of visitors from US, Canada, Europe and as far as India, China and Australia”

“At the same time, we had launched a number of new products: We had expanded our functions on our Office In Cloud by adding LinkedIn public search function. We also expanded our Mail2Google and rebrand it to Form2Go”

“In addition, we are just about to launch our new contents aggregation and research application to complete our current range of products”

Because of these product updates and changes, it is necessary for Uprise Apps to refresh its website and make them more user-friendly and easier to navigate and download for trial.

“The growth has been significant” commented Andrew Kandzuba, “sometimes we can get 20 to 40 downloads for our Office In Cloud, demonstrating there are increasing number of users interested in this type of applications”

The new website provides the following key improvements:
· More product description
· Easier to find product and download
· Easier registration process
· More news and product updates and alerts
For more details about the new website, please visit for more details.

E-Commerce Strategy: Web Automation, the next strategy

We all heard of Web 2.0, we all heard of Social Medial Networks, and Web 3.0 is already being adopted by many enterprises – but what about Web Automation for all these leads generated by Web 2.0 and Social Media strategies?

We have been analysing the trends and impacts from Web 2.0 and Social Media Networks strategies, while they are great tools to generate new business and sales leads, it has caused new challenges to many businesses.

The very easy question to assess these changes is asking yourself – how many e-mails are you checking now from all these leads generated by Web 2.0 and Social Media?

I can tell you right now that my inbox e-mails have gone up by 3 times since we started our Web 2.0 & marketing activities on LinkedIn and Facebook – and this is can cause disruptions to your business operations.

We need to build new databases for our newsletters subscription as it has increased from 100 a week to 1,000 a week, we need to adjust our CRM system, we also need to hire new additional staff for database management.

Then one day, it came to be, this is not the way to solve the problem as I can see our subscription increases from 1,000 to 2,000 a week in no time – what do I do? Double my budget to ensure we can manage the databases and leads? That’s when we think technology can solve the problem.

There are 2 ways to manage your leads and databases growth: First is to outsource to “Manpower”, you can do this by hiring virtual assistants, Second is to outsource to “technology”, by developing applications that can improve the efficiency.

In terms of the ROI for Automation, below is our comparison

Old Way:

1,000 Leads a Week, 20 hours to update the leads onto Excel, hours: 25 hours @ US$5.00 per hour = US$125 per hour (using offshore BPO companies), which means monthly cost of US$500 and Yearly cost of US$6,000. This is assuming no growth in numbers.

New Way:

We implemented Form2Go, which costs us $800 upfront for 12 months, we still need 2 hours each week to generate reports and compile a database into Newsletter mail format. The Monthly cost is now US$40, and yearly cost of US$480.00

On the $ for $ comparison, the ROI is around 5 times already (US$1280 vs US$6,000), but the real benefit is scalability.

There are many ways you can automate part of your business operations, while this has been adopted by many large sized corporations through systems integrations, it is yet to be adopted by many Small-Medium Enterprises.

Unlike the common perception, it will not cost you an arm or a leg for system automation, There are solutions available off-the-shelf (or net), many SaaS providers have solutions available for automation and Cloud Computing also offers more solutions for businesses.

In our case, we developed Form2Go as a solution for database and leads management, since then, the product has been used by many e-businesses as a solution to manage the growing leads, and “time-poor” situation.

If you are interested to know more about web-automation and Form2Go, please contact us for more details.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Uprise Apps Website

Today we released the new version of our website. Thanks to everybody who's assists us to analyze the gaps and lacks of old version.