Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't have Microsoft Office installed but still want to edit Microsoft documents? Use Office Online

What’s Office Online?

Office Online is an application specific for users wish to working with Microsoft Office (2003 & 2007) documents, but do not have Microsoft Office installed.

Through Office Online, they can still edit and receive documents in Microsoft Office formats and stored locally or share with others.

Office Online let user by one click to download the existing local document created in Word, Excel or PowerPoint to Google Docs account, edit it there and save back to the local drive.
Office Online does not require any additional Microsoft Office components to be installed in order to process documents.

Key advantages of Office Online for end users are:

  • For users who wish to operate on MS Office documents under Google Docs
  • No MS Office installation required – saves cost
  • Able to edit MS Office files and share with other MS Office users
  • Integrate with 2003/2007 Words, Excel and Power Point files

Who can benefit from using Office Online:
  • Users that use other programs as primary documents (eg. Google Docs) but with ability to view, share and edit MS Office documents
  • Organizations looking to save costs but with ability to work on the key MS Office documents Users require a program that can share with other users online frequently
  • Users require a program that can share with other users online frequently

Please visit our website in order to learn more about Office Onlile

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Data Entry Nightmare? Google Docs automation system is the Solution.

As a website owner, we often experience difficulties in finding enough resources, and most importantly “TIME” to manage tasks, especially when comes to data entry.

Maintaining your leads database can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Whether you have a CRM system or not, you need someone to manually update them, and this is very time consuming.

One of our clients has more than 100 leads generated from their campaigns each day, another client who runs a non-profit organization can have as many as 200 leads a day during the marketing campaign period. Another website which produces e-vouchers can register 200+ prospective users a day to claim for their vouchers.

For website owners, it is a nightmare to maintain a large and “live” evolving list, and additional costs are also needed to hire assistants to perform data entry, this also delays the sales process as Business Development Managers need to wait for the list to be updated. This is why many had come to us for a quick, automated solution.

Since we launched our Office In Cloud, we had investigated different ways to utilize Google Doc as a tool to assist website owners that need to update their databases consistently.

We decided to adopt Google Doc as it can be integrated, and best of all, it can be “automated”.

Google Doc, as we also know, is free and through our Office In Cloud, this can also be compatible with Excel, still regarded as a preferred “Leads Generation Format” by many.

Our Mail2Google is now working smoothly, and is already servicing a number of clients. It is an automated solution that captures data from web contact forms and integrated onto Google Docs on daily, weekly or monthly. Data are recorded in accordance to your forms.

By doing so, you can save hundreds of hours in data entry, and be more efficient in other areas; concentrate on your sales or product developments.

One of clients is now installing Mail2Google across his clients’ websites, mainly for newsletter subscription basis, another client is using this to collect feedbacks from customers.

If you are interested for a demonstration on how Mail2Google works, or if you are a web development company, we also have programs specifically for partners.

Please contact us at in order to see a demo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mail2Google: The Smart Way To Manage Your Data Entry

Uprise Apps would like to announce the general avalibility of a new service provided by our company: Mail2Google

What is Mail2Google?

Mail2Google is a simple and smart solution developed by Uprise Apps. It helps web owners, subscription based businesses to “automate” contact forms into Google Docs automatically. This means, no more data entry for you to record leads, or update your CRM systems.

You can pre-set the reporting period, and simply log onto your Google Docs to download your latest report. Each contact will be captured by this application according to the fields set in your web contact form. This system can also automate the process integrating CRM systems.

Why using Mail2Google?

· You are looking for a solution to reduce time in Data Entry, an automated solution to record your contact forms
· You are a subscription based website and need a system to update subscription base
· You need an automated system to capture data for specific marketing campaigns

Then Mail2Google is the perfect solution for you, please contact us for demonstration how it works.

Please contact us in order to get more information

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smart IT Management – Why Customization is important for your business

Interview of Uprise Apps regarding Customization by Money Cat, this article also posted on

With the advancements in technologies, we rely more and more on applications for our day-to-day operations. Popular programs include our documentation management systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and industry specific applications you use, such as accounting software.

Would it not be a nice idea to have everything so simple and just one click away on your computer instead of opening 3 or 4 programs at the same time?

We ask Andrew Kandzuba, CEO of IT Service Provider, Uprise Apps ( which specializes in customization and integration for corporate clients why customization is a smart IT management idea to improve efficiency.

MoneyCat: Andrew, for many users, they do not understand fully why customization is important, can you give us some starting points?

Andrew Kandzuba: The word “Customization” has many meanings, but ultimately it means you have a specific need to integrate or to modify your existing applications for a better management and more efficient use.

There is no such thing as a “perfect” product for organizations, some companies have decided to develop products for themselves, but for the vast majority of corporations, they will purchase products off-the-shelf, and install them.

But as we know , many products lack of the functions they require, or they have specific needs for reporting, or they have real requirement to track real-time changes, these can not be provided by the products, this is where customization comes in.

MoneyCat: In your experience, is customization only for big corporate or should SMEs consider them as well?

Andrew Kandzuba: That is a common perception, but it is not true. When comes to customization, we are not talking about very large amount of investments. In fact, it is usually just a fraction of cost compared to the products or licenses you have purchased.

In our view, small to medium companies should definitely consider customization as an option as they are in even more demand for better efficiency.

They do not have the resources comparing to the large corporations, staff at SMEs need to multitask all the time and this where technology can really improve their efficiency.

MoneyCat: What are some of the basic products or applications that can be integrated?
Andrew Kandzuba: There are some easy starting points, for example:

We have assisted our customers synchronizing their MS Office with Google Docs through our own product Office In Cloud. By customizing this, the end users have immediate benefits in terms of accessing and managing files online through Google Docs.

This results in significant improvements in efficiency in terms of documents updates, and another advantage is that it supports users both on MS Office and non-MS Office products.

Another good example is integrating with CRM systems, this is a fast growing area for companies including us. CRM is becoming a must-have application even for small businesses, we have customized applications that allow users to update from their spreadsheets and integrate into CRM systems instantly.

Also, for IIT companies or database linked businesses such as subscriptions, a simple customization process can allow them to integrate downloads and instantly uploaded onto CRM system – this is a useful application for sales and management team.

MoneyCat: What benefits can customers really achieve from these integrations?

Andrew Kandzuba: I believe there are 3 real benefits from these integrations. First, is improvement in efficiency, by working with much less applications simultaneously, also saves time in data entry and duplications. Second is accuracy, this is especially the case for CRM, where customers’ data are captured and integrated into CRM instantly instead of waiting for data entry. Third is improvements in user-interface, this relates to both users and management for reporting purpose.

When we undertake a customization project, we always address the needs of the end users, to make the interface much more user-friendly and minimize as much steps as possible.
MoneyCat: Can you give us some real examples how customization can really achieve efficiency for corporate?

Andrew Kandzuba: International companies can save significant amount of time through simple customization applications. For example, they can use our Office In Cloud and integrate their sales records in Excel with Google Docs or integrate with their CRM if they have one.

The old way is to hold a conference call across multiple time zones, we all know how difficult this can be especially if you are across Asia, Europe and North America, it is impossible to schedule a perfect time, then you have to wait for each person to dial-in.

The smarter and more efficient way is to have the documents from Google Docs or CRM, directly saved and updated using Office In Cloud, and then making notes and update them onto the master file where everyone can see the comments, and responds to them accordingly. This eliminates the hours spent on conference calls.

Another example relates to improvements in sales activities, some sales teams are now equipped with iPhones which means they can update their Excel or Word documents on iPhone. With a few changes to their applications, these can be integrated with the CRM system instantly, managers and inventory managers can update their records simultaneously. This customization application eliminates the waiting time, and orders can be processed much more efficiently.

About Uprise Apps

Uprise Apps ( is an application development company specialized in developing applications that can collaborate across different systems.

Through its product “Office In Cloud” users can synchronize Microsoft Office and Google Docs easily through a simple process, and manage documents on both applications. Office In Cloud supports both MS Office 2003 and 2007 versions.

You can download and trial Office In Cloud from
For more information about Uprise Apps, please contact Andrew Kandzuba at Uprise Apps

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Major update (1.0.17) for Office In Cloud is now available

Today, Uprise Apps would like to inform our users that new major update that includes numbers of features / fixes is available for download.

This update consists of:

  • Support for Vista/Windows 7 x64 platform: fix the issue: "object reference not set" during the login process.
  • Ability to set up and work via proxy server.
  • Sharing of documents with non-Google contacts.
  • Ability to add new contact to Google directly from Microsoft Office UI.

The update will be delivered automatically to all users who have previous versions installed. The rest are welcome to our web site.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Uprise Apps expanding its reseller program globally

Uprise Apps (, a specialist in developing collaboration applications has announced today it will expand its reseller program globally.

Uprise Apps specializes in developing specific and customized user friendly programs to collaborate multiple applications and manage through online environment.

Its product “Office In Cloud” is an innovative program that allows users to manage documents between Microsoft 2003/2007 Office with Google Docs.

Users have found this application highly effective as they can enjoy the benefits of Google Docs without retraining.

As the result of the popularity from users globally, Uprise Apps is now seeking new Global Reseller partners worldwide.

Why becoming a Uprise Apps Reseller?

· Provide new opportunities to sell applications and services that can collaborate with Google Docs
· Opportunities to expand your services to your clients by using the unique functions from Office In Cloud and other products developed by Uprise Apps.

How you can sell value added services using Office In Cloud?

· As a back-up solution offering to clients: Many users are using Office In Cloud to manage documents with Google Docs. You can assist your clients rolling out Office In Cloud as part of your back-up plan for them.

· As a management reporting tool: Office In Cloud can also be used to integrate MS Office, Google Docs and CRM.

· As a networking service: Through Office In Cloud, users can update their documents simultaneously from Microsoft Office onto Google Docs, all through one quick click on their MS Office applications.

· Offering Customization Service: We also offer customization services to clients’ applications and programs.

What does Uprise Apps provide under the reseller program?

· Full Support – Uprise Apps will provide full technical support to any issues to Office In Cloud, as well as providing integration support for your customers

· Customization – Uprise Apps can develop customized applications for your clients that can integrate with other applications and programs. We can be your development partner

· Additional Functions – Uprise Apps is developing additional features and functions that will be added to Office In Cloud, these functions will be made available to your clients as well.

About Uprise Apps

Uprise Apps ( is an application development company specialized in developing applications that can collaborate across different systems. Uprise Apps also provides customized solutions that can integrate clients’ software and applications to improve user convenience and productivity considerably. Its team members are highly experienced technical experts that have developed applications for global IT giants including Microsoft, Oracle, Netsuite, Salesforce and others.

For more information about Uprise Apps Reseller Program or how Uprise Apps can assist you in terms of developing customized solutions for you, please visit our website today or contact Andrew Kandzuba

Smart Company – Synchronization between Google Docs and MS Office as an efficient application

Smart companies always look for alternative ways to save cost and increase efficiency at the same time.

Can this really be achieved without compromising on the quality? In this technology application issue, we look at how Google Docs has impacted on today’s IT decision making process, as well how systems integration is also an effective strategy to save cost and increase efficiency.

We ask Andrew Kandzuba, CEO of Uprise Apps ( to walk through the advantages of Google Docs and how systems integration is also a wise business decision.

MoneyCat: Andrew, first of all, can you tell us if you use Google Docs yourself?

Andrew Kandzuba: Yes, I am passionate about using Google Docs and have been using them since its very early days. I use them both from personal and business perspectives. I have found Google Docs very useful in terms of efficiency, since I started using Google Docs, I can manage my documents online and share them much more efficiently.

MoneyCat: For many users, it is hard for them to change their habit in using Microsoft Office to Google Docs, what is your advice on that?

Andrew Kandzuba: We realize that users are unable to change the habits overnight, which is what we have launched products to make users to adopt Google Docs more easily. While more and more users now understand the value of Google Docs, and increasing number of users are now using both MS Office and Google Docs.

As the matter of fact, companies such as ourselves and Offisync have been developing products that can integrate both MS Office and Google Docs, specifically for those familiar in the MS Office environment but moving or adopting Google Docs as well.

Our belief is that you do not need to be familiar with Google Docs, and still able to use them, which is why we have launched our product.

MoneyCat: Is this the reason why you have launched Office In Cloud, to assist users to adopt Google Docs much quickly?

Andrew Kandzuba: Yes, absolutely, we are all busy people today, while there are technology applications available, we have very little time to learn the new applications. With our product, you can save and manage your documents between MS Office and Google Docs.

All you need is a login on Google, and most of us have one already, it could your gmail or it could be your Adword or Adsense account, so there is no need to create another login detail for it.
MoneyCat: In your view, what are the key advantages of Google Docs?

Andrew Kandzuba: Being a user using Google Docs since the early days, I think there are a number of key benefits:

It is online based, it is free and it has new functions added all the time. But from users’ point of view, an ability to share, manage and save documents online.

MoneyCat: Tell us more about Office In Cloud, how users can really benefit from using them, can you give us some examples?

Andrew Kandzuba: The key point is about synchronization, also able to share the documents and manage them online whether you are a MS Office user or non-MS Office users.

This means much better efficiency in terms of document management, revisions and updates. Some of our users use Office In Cloud as a back-up program, which means they can click and save them online, and retrieve them online and keep working on the files if they are travelling or when they go home.

For others, they have used Office In Cloud as a way to manage large “live” documents, this can be in the media industry for instance, when you work on deadline for a magazine, where you have multiple contributors. This can also be applied for accounting professionals, as Office In Cloud also supports Excel both 2003 and 2007.

Office In Cloud has also been installed by small-medium enterprises which use them as a way to save cost through Google Docs but with minimal changes required for the end users.

MoneyCat: What about customization? Is that an important part for business as every corporate user has different requirements, how do you address that?

Andrew Kandzuba: Yes, customization is very important, and it is one of our key strengths, It is very hard to find a off the shelf product that meets your requirements exactly. What we offer to our clients is customization on top of Office In Cloud.

I believe this is what makes us different, and position ourselves as a service provider instead of just a product provider.

Let me give you some examples in terms of customization we can help. This can apply to specific functions for reporting, this can apply to specific application in MS Office for certain industries, or certain ways to convert and save the files, or integrate them with the CRM system, which is another very popular integration process for many corporations.

About Uprise Apps

Uprise Apps ( is an application development company specialized in developing applications that can collaborate across different systems.

Uprise Apps also provides customized solutions that can integrate clients’ software and applications to improve user convenience and productivity considerably. Its team members are highly experienced technical experts that have developed applications for global IT giants including Microsoft, Oracle, Netsuite, Salesforce and others.

Through its first product Office In Cloud, users can synchronize Microsoft Office and Google Docs easily through a simple process, and manage documents on both systems.
You can download and trial Office In Cloud from

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Uprise Apps Office In Cloud - also a great back-up application for us

We found Office In Cloud through LinkedIn, and after 2 weeks of testing, we have found it very useful not only for document management, but also for back-up and disaster recovery purpose.

With computers in different models and different MS Office versions, sometimes in different languages, we have encountered numerous technical problems which is frustrating when you are in the middle of a large Excel or Word file.

We now use Office In Cloud for our Excel documents and constantly save them on local drive and on Google Docs, this provides "Double Protection" on our documents and ensure the documents are always up to date - this is particularly useful for database management which changes on the daily basis.

Since Office In Cloud rolls out its MS 2003 version, we have also installed them across our MS Office 2003 users. We will soon use Office In Cloud for Words as well.

Uprise Apps is also developing customization services for us, which will make our database management much more effciently and this can improve our productivity signicantly.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Office Online Preview

We are now working on new smart tool that let's people who do not have Microsoft Office installed on they laptop edit local Microsoft dcouments online via Google. The app is planned to be released by end of Augest. The video of early version is available here: