Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Data Entry Nightmare? Google Docs automation system is the Solution.

As a website owner, we often experience difficulties in finding enough resources, and most importantly “TIME” to manage tasks, especially when comes to data entry.

Maintaining your leads database can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Whether you have a CRM system or not, you need someone to manually update them, and this is very time consuming.

One of our clients has more than 100 leads generated from their campaigns each day, another client who runs a non-profit organization can have as many as 200 leads a day during the marketing campaign period. Another website which produces e-vouchers can register 200+ prospective users a day to claim for their vouchers.

For website owners, it is a nightmare to maintain a large and “live” evolving list, and additional costs are also needed to hire assistants to perform data entry, this also delays the sales process as Business Development Managers need to wait for the list to be updated. This is why many had come to us for a quick, automated solution.

Since we launched our Office In Cloud, we had investigated different ways to utilize Google Doc as a tool to assist website owners that need to update their databases consistently.

We decided to adopt Google Doc as it can be integrated, and best of all, it can be “automated”.

Google Doc, as we also know, is free and through our Office In Cloud, this can also be compatible with Excel, still regarded as a preferred “Leads Generation Format” by many.

Our Mail2Google is now working smoothly, and is already servicing a number of clients. It is an automated solution that captures data from web contact forms and integrated onto Google Docs on daily, weekly or monthly. Data are recorded in accordance to your forms.

By doing so, you can save hundreds of hours in data entry, and be more efficient in other areas; concentrate on your sales or product developments.

One of clients is now installing Mail2Google across his clients’ websites, mainly for newsletter subscription basis, another client is using this to collect feedbacks from customers.

If you are interested for a demonstration on how Mail2Google works, or if you are a web development company, we also have programs specifically for partners.

Please contact us at info@upriseapps.com in order to see a demo.

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