Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mail2Google: The Smart Way To Manage Your Data Entry

Uprise Apps would like to announce the general avalibility of a new service provided by our company: Mail2Google

What is Mail2Google?

Mail2Google is a simple and smart solution developed by Uprise Apps. It helps web owners, subscription based businesses to “automate” contact forms into Google Docs automatically. This means, no more data entry for you to record leads, or update your CRM systems.

You can pre-set the reporting period, and simply log onto your Google Docs to download your latest report. Each contact will be captured by this application according to the fields set in your web contact form. This system can also automate the process integrating CRM systems.

Why using Mail2Google?

· You are looking for a solution to reduce time in Data Entry, an automated solution to record your contact forms
· You are a subscription based website and need a system to update subscription base
· You need an automated system to capture data for specific marketing campaigns

Then Mail2Google is the perfect solution for you, please contact us for demonstration how it works.

Please contact us in order to get more information

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