Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Uprise Apps Office In Cloud - also a great back-up application for us

We found Office In Cloud through LinkedIn, and after 2 weeks of testing, we have found it very useful not only for document management, but also for back-up and disaster recovery purpose.

With computers in different models and different MS Office versions, sometimes in different languages, we have encountered numerous technical problems which is frustrating when you are in the middle of a large Excel or Word file.

We now use Office In Cloud for our Excel documents and constantly save them on local drive and on Google Docs, this provides "Double Protection" on our documents and ensure the documents are always up to date - this is particularly useful for database management which changes on the daily basis.

Since Office In Cloud rolls out its MS 2003 version, we have also installed them across our MS Office 2003 users. We will soon use Office In Cloud for Words as well.

Uprise Apps is also developing customization services for us, which will make our database management much more effciently and this can improve our productivity signicantly.

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