Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't have Microsoft Office installed but still want to edit Microsoft documents? Use Office Online

What’s Office Online?

Office Online is an application specific for users wish to working with Microsoft Office (2003 & 2007) documents, but do not have Microsoft Office installed.

Through Office Online, they can still edit and receive documents in Microsoft Office formats and stored locally or share with others.

Office Online let user by one click to download the existing local document created in Word, Excel or PowerPoint to Google Docs account, edit it there and save back to the local drive.
Office Online does not require any additional Microsoft Office components to be installed in order to process documents.

Key advantages of Office Online for end users are:

  • For users who wish to operate on MS Office documents under Google Docs
  • No MS Office installation required – saves cost
  • Able to edit MS Office files and share with other MS Office users
  • Integrate with 2003/2007 Words, Excel and Power Point files

Who can benefit from using Office Online:
  • Users that use other programs as primary documents (eg. Google Docs) but with ability to view, share and edit MS Office documents
  • Organizations looking to save costs but with ability to work on the key MS Office documents Users require a program that can share with other users online frequently
  • Users require a program that can share with other users online frequently

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