Thursday, September 3, 2009

ResearchWhitepaper integrates with Uprise Apps Mail2Google Service for Leads Automation

ResearchWhitepaper (, a global portal with operations in Australia, Asia and US has adopted Uprise Apps Mail2Google Service for its website.

ResearchWhitepaper is a highly popular website with daily traffic exceeding 600 a day, and as high as 1,000 per day. The company receives up to 300 enquiries a day from a variety of users downloading their trial documents and reports.

“While we are glad the campaign has worked for us, we needed to hire 2 F/T employees just for data entry, this is costing us $200 a week” commented Amy Hsu, Marketing Director of ResearchWhitepaper

“While leads generations is great, it is no guarantee we can make convert them into sales, so, we have been very cautious on terms of marketing budget. The response rate had exceeded our expectation, and we were scared to launch more campaigns because we spent all our time on data entry” She continued.

“We have been seeking for technology solutions to resolve this simple-data entry process, and ultimately, integrating them into our CRM system.

We looked around and discussed with Andrew Kandzuba, CEO of Uprise Apps, originally using their “Office In Cloud” Microsoft Office to Google Integration tool to back the files. Soon we found Google Docs can be used as a great record keeping tool, hence implemented Mail2Google as well”.

Significant Improvements in Efficiency

Here are some facts:

  • Since the implementation, the data entry hours has reduced from 20 hours a week to 2 hours a week, mainly for reporting

  • Able to run 3 projects simultaneously without incurring additional cost, ResearchWhitepaper now generates 1,000 leads per week without adding new costs

  • Able to run master reports, and always updated, there is no need to wait for the staff to finish their data entry tasks

  • Able to conduct campaigns in multiple markets as Mail2Goole also supports different languages

  • Saving of at least $1,000 a month just in data entry costs

  • Able to change the web contact forms and start a new program with Mail2Google easily, flexible solution

ResearchWhitepaper now only retains 1 data entry staff since implemented Mail2Google service. By using our service, it can now allocate more resources to follow up on the leads generated and other sales driven and product developments activities.

ResearchWhitepaper is now in discussion with Uprise Apps in integrating the service with its Salesforce CRM systems as a extension to existing service.

About Uprise Apps

Uprise Apps ( is a leader in developing applications integrating with Google Docs and Google Apps. Its product’s line includes “Office In Cloud”, “Office Online” and “Mail2Google Service”. It also provides customization services in addition to its own products.

About ResearchWhitepaper

Established in 2008, ResearchWhitepaper ( is a fast growing website dedicated to research reports, especially relating to Capital Raising and Marketing related industries.

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