Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new web application for Human Resources professionals

As a HR professional, it is inevitable to receive and process large volumes of applications each day. During this global recession period, we have seen this is becoming an issue for many HR agents as each position can attract hundreds of applications and resumes.

Managing these information presents a problem itself, and many HR companies have already facing challenges due to lack of time and resources.

Here is a smart way to manage your candidates’ information; this is done so through a small application that integrates with your web contact forms and Google Docs – we call this product Mail2Google!

According to our research, majority of applicants send their applications through online, usually through contact forms with attachments. Agents then download each profile and process them manually, which is a time-costly procedure.

Using our newly developed Mail2Google application, we can at least save your time in managing these entries. You can simply adjust your web contact forms and have the fields clearly defined with specific information you wish to have from candidates.

The data entered by the applicants are then captured by Mail2Google automatically, all you have to do is to run reports and review candidates’ information accordingly. This is a useful system to gather applicants’ information cost-effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, you can use this program to manage multiple campaigns, for instance, processing different positions simultaneously, again, this can save significant time in data entry and management.

While we can not solve the problem for you in reviewing each resume and cover letters, the least we can assist you is to save significant precious time in data entry, so that you can focus your time in reviewing the resumes and make informed decision.

Once the reports are generated in Google Docs, you can easily convert them to Excel if you wish to, and use them for future purposes such as newsletters or send updates.

Mail2Google is especially for those time-poor HR professionals, or maybe you are starting up a new venture and have limited resources for data entry and management.

If you are interested to find out more about how Mail2Google can assist you in managing your business process, please visit our website for demonstration.

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  1. Excellent, but Google Docs is still missing one vital feature: attachments. Many applicants would probably send their CV's as attachments.

    But probably the attachment problem is solved within the next 3 months.. updates are coming weekly to Apps.