Friday, October 2, 2009

Uprise Apps refreshes its website (continue ...)

Recognizing the increasing number of visitors from global markets, Uprise Apps (, a global leader in developing user-friendly collaboration applications has refreshed its website today.

Commenting on the new website design, Andrew Kandzuba, CEO of Uprise Apps said “Our traffic has increased substantially since September; we are seeing growing number of visitors from US, Canada, Europe and as far as India, China and Australia”

“At the same time, we had launched a number of new products: We had expanded our functions on our Office In Cloud by adding LinkedIn public search function. We also expanded our Mail2Google and rebrand it to Form2Go”

“In addition, we are just about to launch our new contents aggregation and research application to complete our current range of products”

Because of these product updates and changes, it is necessary for Uprise Apps to refresh its website and make them more user-friendly and easier to navigate and download for trial.

“The growth has been significant” commented Andrew Kandzuba, “sometimes we can get 20 to 40 downloads for our Office In Cloud, demonstrating there are increasing number of users interested in this type of applications”

The new website provides the following key improvements:
· More product description
· Easier to find product and download
· Easier registration process
· More news and product updates and alerts
For more details about the new website, please visit for more details.

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