Friday, October 2, 2009

Form2Go (former Mail2Google) – A new automation database management application

Form2Go is the new application developed by Uprise Apps (, this product was launched as a new solution for database marketers, e-commerce companies and other enterprises that need to manage databases frequently.

Form2Go has a number of advantages:

· It integrates with your website and different applications to automate the Leads Generation process
· 100% Fully automated process – data are integrated into your databases (eg. CRMs, Google Docs) automatically
· Unlimited number of entries can be integrated – we have users using our program and update 1,000 leads each day

We changed this product from Mail2Google to Form2Go because we have expanded our capabilities for this application:

· It now supports a wide range of CRMs, you can use our application to capture data into your CRMs directly
· Integration with our Office In Cloud, you can edit databases on Excel easily if you prefer to
· Ability to support multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously and integrated with different databases
· Supporting different language formats as long as your website can support these languages

Since we rebranded our application Form2Go, it has been taken up by multiple customers for various purposes, including:

· Marketing Research Firms using our application to collect and analyse survey results automatically
· Web businesses using our application to sign up and track new members
· Non-profit organizations using Form2Go to update new members for various campaigns
· Business Development managers using our campaigns to collect leads to send follow up newsletters and e-mails

Form2Go is the smart way for you to manage your database, no matter big or small, it can support your requirements – it is cost-effective and highly scalable solution that can meet your increasing demands for databases management without incurring additional costs.

For more information for demonstration, please contact us for more information. Please visit our new website and download the Form2Go for trial or contact us for trial implementation.

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