Monday, December 7, 2009

Uprise Apps and Cazoomi sign reseller’s partnership agreement

Uprise Apps, an emerging application developments specialist, has announced today its product suite “Office-In-Cloud” is now included on the Cazoomi Xchange™ Platform.

San Francisco, CA December 7th, 2009

Today Uprise Apps ( and Cazoomi ( ) announced the strategic partnership and reselling alliance between the two companies.

“This is an exciting development for Uprise Apps”, Andrew Kandzuba, CEO of Uprise App, said. “We have been focusing on developing opportunities in expanding our presence in the US market.”

Through Cazoomi, users can select Uprise Apps Office-In-Cloud as an application to integrate with their existing programs as well as choose other Cazoomi applications like NetSuite, Salesforce, Good Data and SAP BusinessNOW!, along with the services needed to implement member applications. As added functionality is enhanced in Office-In-Cloud, such as the planned Web Contents Aggregation program, users can benefit from seamless enhancements:

  • Connect relevant content from raw text inputs seamlessly
  • Discover semantic relationships between documents with one click
  • Delivers structured results directly to MS Office Suite easily
Cazoomi is a platform offering users to have a excellent comparison of different products & applications available to them. It is pitched towards enterprises that are seeking to build a customized solution by integrating different applications from different parties. This is consistent with our research where we are seeing increasing number of enterprises adopting the Customization model instead of off-the-shelf solution.

Uprise Apps’s “Office-In-Cloud” platform has added different functions over the past few months, in addition to the existing collaboration function, new functions has been added to allow users to enjoy the true “one-stop” experience to use different applications from their native operating environment.

The collaboration function on “Office-In-Cloud” between MS Office and Google Docs continues to be a popular function amongst users as Google Docs gains market-share and with more additional functions attached to it.

Cazoomi is our second major milestone achieved by Uprise Apps in United States. Earlier this year, the company successfully set up first presence in the US through the appointment of US President based in New Jersey.

Both companies are going to cooperate close in order to deliver added value to users as well as increase customer satisfaction from usage of their products and services.

Cazoomi ( is an innovative platform based in San Francisco, California: the platform provides potential members with access to a large range of applications including SaaS, Cloud based applications as well as services. Cazoomi ( ) portal was launched in 2009, and since its launch, it has already attracted significant number of members ready to use its platform to build customized applications.

Uprise Apps ( ), based in Warren, New Jersey, develops middleware that makes mainstream desktop applications more powerful by leveraging cloud-based computing solutions. Uprise Apps’ lead technology, Office-In-Cloud, is a software platform based on the Microsoft libraries, which acts as the conduit between the Microsoft Office Suite and 3rd party internet based applications. Uprise Apps was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced IT professionals, the founders of the company have on average 10+ years experience in diversified IT & applications developments, including in collaboration with global companies such as BMW, InvisibleCRM, Oracle,, NetSuite, EMC.

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